Dr. Marco Teli

Dr. Marco Teli

Spinal Surgeon

Surgeons STP Italy
Past President, Eurospine
The Spine Society of Europe


“My experience with spinal pathology and surgery in the Rizzola clinic” (Isabella Resta)

Isabella Resta is 56 years old, lives in Milan and is a yoga teacher.
His spinal problems began in 2009 when he was living in London. A surgery that was supposed to be “simple” did not go well and this forced Isabella, in the following years, to be operated on six times.

As she herself tells in this video testimony, when the pain had become unbearable and disabling, she met Dr. Marco Teli and his team. In December 2022 she underwent surgery in Rizzola and now, after just over a year, she has told us her story.

#EUROSPINE2022 meeting with Marco Teli and Antonio Alizzi

We have met during #EUROSPINE2022, that took place in Milan few days ago (19–21 OCTOBER).

In the video Marco says about the Programme of the Event and the 3500 participants who joined Milan from all around the Globe.
He also shares the values of his Presidency.